Serene space promoting sustainable lifestyle

Kosa Arts is a Concept shop showcasing KOSA Brand Apparel as well as showcasing other artisan’s goods.  Following an education in fine arts at CCA(C), Elaine Hamblin followed a passion for art-to-wear, costuming for local dance companies, working as design assistant for multiple bay area designers and  developing a line of hand painted fabric and apparel. This lead to an extensive career in the apparel industry leading technical design teams in SF and NY. Longing to get back to a a hands on and creative lifestyle, Elaine opened a shop in Uptown Oakland with the intent of showcasing interior goods.  Prior to opening, she incubated in the 25th Street Collective. While working on the business plan, there, Elaine was inspired by the collective fashion members and built a collection which she introduced into the shop. The collection has changed the course of Kosa to becoming a Men’s and Women’s boutique of clothing, and artisan goods.

Kosa Arts offers unique and limited edition pieces, set in evolving displays, curated to play with resonating elements.  We aim to inspire appreciation for artisan made pieces, creative, meaningful  living environments, and kindle curiosity in an inviting atmosphere that encourages self-reflection. We support high level craftsmanship, the creative process, sustainable materials and meaningful livelihoods.

At Kosa, we look forward to offering an exceptional experience in shopping, and inspiring others to explore and and engage in the arts community.


Community networking events and artisan-led workshops are hosted at KOSA