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Artisinal fashion supporting high-level craftsmanship, creative process, sustainable material, and meaningful livelihood.

386 19th St, Oakland

This Season


The introduction of the Dolman Crop, Alenka Slip dress, and other ideal layering staples over this past season leads us to an exciting and inspired coming season. 

Spring should bring forward a seamless transition- one with dusted rose and desert-tones, warm hues from the organic cotton grown in Capey Valley, rich indigo in varying levels of saturation- pairing with classic KOSA silhouettes, while continuing to evolve as a sustainable apparel brand, remaining flexible and creative- to ensure the process creates a positive impact by producing zero-waste, and promoting bio-dynamic textile operations. 

By extending the values of KOSA Arts through this line of apparel, our community has the opportunity to make an impression on a larger scale- by supporting ethical and sustainable practices in the industry- through insight, conscious consumerism, and an organic disperse of knowledge for an elevated public awareness. 


Spring 2018


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